Training will be a large component of most health and social care sector organisations’ needs, including mandatory training to meet legislative and professional requirements. While training is important and necessary, the costs are high and therefore it is important to target and tailor training to confidently ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’. Ultimately, this enables staff to fulfil their roles to high standard and achieve the expected outcomes.

Along with mandatory training, budgets may also be allocated to development, which again works best if aligned with a strategy that addresses succession planning and staff retention.

I can support you by completing a comprehensive training needs analysis that ensures your organisation is targeting the correct training, at the most appropriate level, to meet compliance and statutory obligations within your budget and resources.

In my Senior operations roles in the past I am familiar with facing dilemmas of managing and leveraging budgets to ensure training is meeting the staff and organisation’s needs. I am also fortunate to have the unique experience and knowledge of what staff require to deliver best practice services as well as being qualified in this area.


I hold a Special Purpose Award for Training Needs Identification and Design as well as Training Delivery and Evaluation, and in the past I have worked in Educator roles including holding a Conjoint Lecturer position (James Cook University, Australia). Additionally, I can provide bespoke training packages on relevant topics such as Leadership, Time Management, Documentation, Management of Complaints, Role of the PIC and RPR, and Corporate Governance for New Managers. Other topics and tailored programs to suit your needs can be arranged, so please contact us on the link provided to discuss you needs.

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