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Hi, I’m Aileen, I am trained and accredited in a range of mentoring, assessment, coaching and training approaches alongside over 30 years’ experience as a healthcare professional. My journey began in Ireland in both mental health and general nursing, matured in the UK, and then expanded in Australia to a career in healthcare management, leadership and executive roles before moving back to Ireland in 2015 to take up a senior health service leadership role.


Skills and Experience

My skills and experience are attuned to add value to all of the coaching, mentoring, consulting and training I deliver. I understand the unique challenges of working in health and social care sectors whilst having the ability to bring a wide range of experiences and different perspectives that energises the people I work with.

These skills and experience extend across clinical and corporate governance, leading multidisciplinary teams within primary care through to tertiary care services, mental health, acute care, and social care. The services stretch across the age continuum from leading Child and Youth services through to services for Older Persons.

I have worked in private, public, and not for profit organisations leading teams, developing programs, working with senior executives, Board Directors and Consortiums.

Roles and Leadership

In Ireland I held roles as project lead for a large healthcare organisation working collaboratively with a multinational external provider to analyse current service models and structures, to engage stakeholders to create new models and to bring final recommendations and an implementation plan to the Board.

In Australia I engaged at a national level in a variety of initiatives such as best practice in mental health, headspace (Youth Mental Health Services), and a roll out of the commissioning model for Primary Care Networks where I had the opportunities to work with world leaders and influence outcomes to better serve the community.


My own leadership style has been developed through wonderful opportunities to work with outstanding role models, coaches and mentors. As someone who has valued such opportunities it seemed natural to combine my executive and health and social care sector experience with coaching to create programs and services that would support others on their career journey within these sectors.

Now I work with senior leaders, and emerging leaders, such as Directors of Nursing, those identified as Persons in Charge (HIQA), General Managers, Allied Health Managers, Assisted Directors of Nursing, Chief Executive Officers, and Directors to support them to successfully navigate their roles and be the inspiring leader for their teams.

My purpose and my passion is to empower senior leaders, emerging leaders and teams in the health and social care sectors to reach their full potential and achieve their professional goals. This in turn delivers outcomes that matter to those that matter; those needing their services.


Team Member

Hi, I’m Grant. I have a background of Psychiatric Nursing, Quality Coordination and Knowledge Management and have worked in these positions across mental health and primary health settings for public, private and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand, England, and Australia. I am delighted to be able to bring my skills to specific projects within and for Potential.ie.

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