There has never been a more important time to provide managers and leaders of the health and social care sector with the opportunity to work with an experienced coach that has ‘hands on’ experience in the sector.

I provide tailored coaching services to individuals, teams, senior and emerging leaders to boost their capacity to reach their goals and provide high quality services to those they serve, while enhancing their own wellbeing and self-worth.


In a busy professional life it can be hard to find resources and people outside of your direct line manager to support, and challenge you when needed, in attaining your goals. The old saying that taking on a management role can be a lonely space is very true and maybe more so now because of how the pandemic is restricting engagement with others.

This is where coaching can really help as I provide a confidential, safe space where individuals or teams can truly explore their goals, their strengths, and what may be limiting them putting actions in place that move them to reach their objectives. Our relationship is built on trust, accountability and creating the environment for the coachee/s to reach their full potential.

Having worked directly in the sector throughout the pandemic, providing coaching to managers and leaders, I have evidenced the difference this has made to individuals, teams they lead and the organisations. Coaching staff members to consistently perform to a high level in the course of their work has many benefits for the staff themselves, the people they are directly providing care for and the organisations they work in.

Persons such as mid and senior managers, or those taking on increased responsibilities through succession planning – such as Directors of Nursing, Persons in Charge (as required in Older persons and Disability sector services), General Managers, Operations Managers, Regional Managers and C-suite Executives will specifically benefit from this coaching program.

As it is a tailored program the timing, frequency, method of delivery (Zoom or in person) is negotiated to suit the coachee’s commitments.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Reported Outcomes That Coachee’s And Organisations Identified From Working With Me

Increased Productivity and improved outcomes

  • The programme supported me to take action, managing my responsibilities with more confidence and effectiveness
  • Improved managerial and leadership skills with better focused use of time to get the results I wanted
  • Coaching plays a vital role in helping to boost my productivity and performance within the workplace; particularly when facing challenges shifting from a clinical role to a senior manager role
  • There was a shift in knowledge, skills and attitudes that helped me work differently with my team, that in turn increased the team’s performance with demonstrated improvement in both quality and compliance key performance measures.

Improved Communication and managing self

  • Was able to identify my usual communication styles, the impacts of these on others, and taking actions that have been more successful with the team, others in the management team, HIQA inspectors, contractors etc
  • Confidence levels have increased and I am able to engage others, provide feedback, and hold difficult conversations while managing my own emotions and triggers to reach more productive outcomes.

Reduce Risk of Burnout and build resilience

  • The coaching programme provides insights and assessments that helps me identify my current level of wellbeing, work practices, time management and supports me to take actions to reduce stress and build resilience.
  • Having someone to coach me that really understands the sector and impact of COVID has been powerful, providing space and tools to take the steps in my work and personal life that has prevented me from burnout and leaving the profession

Define Goals and move into action

  • Was able to have a more focused and strategic evaluation of my current knowledge and skills against the requirements of the current role deliverables, identifying my strengths and areas for further development that helps me move towards my goals
  • Coaching has supported me be more accountable on taking and sustaining the actions needed for me to be the best leader I can be
  • I was able to use tools provided by this program, such as a 30-60-90 day plan, that gave me new insights and approaches in how I wanted to be as a leader in a new job with a new company.


  • I have learnt more about myself, my signature strengths, values and beliefs that I can now put to use in both my professional and personal life.
  • This programme provides a safe space to discuss areas of concern knowing that I will not be judged but supported to find a pathway through and use these obstacles as part of growing and developing.

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