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Welcome to, home to Aileen Colley Consultancy. I have often been described as a jigsaw maker; supporting those I work with to find and join the right pieces together that creates impact and deliver on outcomes that matter. I bring over 30 years of international healthcare experience to my practice plus my own character strengths of Leadership, Guidance, Honesty, Bravery and Perspective. I am an accredited mentor, coach and trainer whose speciality is helping individuals and teams reach their real potential while supporting organisations deliver on their purpose.

If you, your team or organisation are thinking about, talking of, or affected by any of the following, please contact us – we are available to create a bespoke program to support you.

Are You an Individual...

  • new to a senior role with more responsibilities and finding it difficult to adjust?
  • middle or senior manager wanting to further develop your leadership style or progress your career?
  • new to a ‘Person in Charge’ role needing to competently meet HIQA requirements?
  • finding the impact of COVID 19 and ongoing pandemic difficult to manage?
  • who believes you can benefit by being constructively challenged to reach your potential?

Is Your Team...

  • working in a new and challenging environment?
  • producing poorer outcomes across key corporate and clinical performance indicators than you would like?
  • needing to improve its compliance with statutory standards?
  • needing to be more motivated, able, and resilient?
  • a group you believe has unrealised potential?
  • a team that want’s to achieve an edge?

Does Your Organisation...

  • find the changes due to COVID adversely impacting on the business?
  • require a greater return and overall cost reduction from teams that function more efficiently?
  • want to retain high potential talent and develop employees into senior roles?
  • aim to deliver best practice services while meeting key performance targets?
  • have the potential to be a leader in your field?


There has never been a more important time to provide managers…



Research has shown that individuals who have the support and…


Training will be a large component of most health and social…


When you need to focus on quality improvements, I am able to…


Unlock Your potential

We truly understand the difficulties and challenges people providing services encounter in their daily work activities. Without the right resources health and social care workers may find themselves suffering self-doubt or burnout and less able to cope with the stresses and strains of their job. Yet we all have within us the ability to better manage and feel more in control of the situations we find ourselves in. Professional coaching, training, and expertise can provide the key to that potential.

coaching & mentoring programmes

My tailored coaching and mentoring programmes are designed to assist and support those working in health and social care settings to lead, and structure work cohesively, to not only improve the services you provide, but enhance your personal wellbeing and self-worth and open up opportunities to be the best version of yourself.

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