Research has shown that individuals who have the support and guidance of a mentor are significantly more likely to advance their achievements and careers, than those who do not have this opportunity. Mentoring is described as a developmental process which involves a transfer of skill or knowledge through learning, dialogue and role modelling from a more experienced person to a less experienced person (European Coaching and Mentoring Council 2015). Having a reliable, more experienced person who is willing and able to guide with contemporary and best practice information, encourage reflection, provide personal insights and share their own ‘lessons learnt’ helps the mentee develop while potentially avoiding pitfalls.


Mentoring differs to coaching in that it is most useful when you, or a member of your team or organisation, has identified a specific requirement to work with a more experienced person at an advanced level. My role then becomes one of providing guidance, advice and supervision relevant to a topic, area or issue. I support the person to advance their skills, knowledge and experience in line with what is required for their role and ensure this is aligned with organisational goals and key performance indicators.

I inspire individuals to see what is possible in their career then show them how to achieve this through managing and structuring their work practices in a cohesive, caring and professional manner. By doing so I help you move out of your comfort zones to your GROWTH zone, encouraging and supporting you with suggested learning experiences, networks and contacts. For an organisation, the benefits are just as sharp. By arranging a mentor relationship for your managers and those identified through succession planning your employees will be better supported, engaged, confident and feel valued. You will have the benefit of retaining high potential talent, developing employees into senior roles, fostering diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and strengthening your company culture. Increased productivity, innovation and an enhanced reputation (as an organisation that endorses mentorship) also flow from this.


What I bring as a Mentor:

Knowledge, skills, and learning acquired across a diversity of settings in Ireland and Australia, including Mental Health, Older Persons, Acute, Residential, Primary Care, Community Care, Disability, Youth and General Practice services within Private, Public and Not for Profit sectors. Well respected reputation in clinical and corporate leadership and management roles over 30 years, working in strategic roles to bring about change within very large and complex systems. Lived experience of career changes within different ‘jurisdictions’ and the agility to adapt to varied professional environments in order to effectively lead teams. Passion and a strengths-based focus to improve services, models and practices within which the person and/or community receiving the services are central. I am a calm, resourceful, and solution focused person. My rewards come from seeing and being a stimulus in the growth and development of others.

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